Ah my aching tooth

Dr Wahba Lutz DentistThis is just my way of thanking Dr Daneil Wahba from St Lutz Dental for being a life saver :)

Last night while playing baseball with my son, the ball hit me smack in the gob and i ended up chipping my front tooth.. and man did it hurt like  a bitch.

It was 8pm and was in real bad pain, and i called up Dr.Wahba and unlike most doctors who would tell me to 2 asprins and call him in the morning, he was kind enough to open the clinic specially for me and performed an emergency procedure.

This guys not just a professional but a really nice guy! and if you are looking for a lutz dentist make sure to look up Dr.Wahba

My quest for the perfect baby monitor

My wife just gave birth to our beautiful baby daugher, Lisa last month, and like most first time parents I started to hunt for a baby monitor to watch over our child.

At first the task seemed very daunting considering the number of options in the market.

I had always assumed that the baby monitor was more like a audio device where I could hear my child, and looking at some of the models really got me excited.

There are video monitors with night vision and they even have iphone apps so that you can see your child on your phone.

How fricking cool is that ;)

This baby monitor reviews blog saved me a lot of time as the author is a mother herself and has spent a lot of time going over the pros and cons of each monitor that she has reviewed.

The 2 monitors that I finally shortlisted were the graco baby monitor and the dect monitor from Philips

Still checking out a few more sites before making up my mind

This one is really cool, but a little out of my budget


Killer Explainer Video Reviewed

Having set up a new site, I had been searching the web since a few weeks for a studio that could create an explainer video for my site that would be both entertaining and at the same time make people more interested in my service.

Most of the studios were quite frankly out of my budget. Some even asked for $8000 for one minute and I was like dude are you for real, that’s more than what I earn in a month.

Long story short I came across this site called Killer Explainer Video and I ended up hiring them after seeing their work. They charged me a modest $400/minute and my final video ended up being around 90 seconds. The other company that came a close second was videojane who quoted me $596 for a minute.

This is how the final video turned out


In addition to motion graphics which was what I opted for, they also have other animation styles like whiteboard, 2d character animation and kinetic typography.

For those people looking for a corporate video, they also have live actors with a green screen option which means that you can have any image or video footage as the background, kinda like a hollywood movie.

For those people who are on a tight budget they have video templates which are very modestly priced. All you need to do is provide them with the text and images you want replaced in the template and they’ll create your video within 24 hours.

My custom video took about 3 weeks, but it was well worth both the time and the money spent.

KillerExplainerVideo.com has a wide range of voice talent as well and they do multilingual voice overs for their videos as well.

I was told that in addition to US English voice overs, they also do other English accents like Australian, British and New Zealand ( or new zealandish? ;) )

They also have native accent neutral talent that does voice overs in French, German and Spanish.

My opinion, a two thumbs up for this small, extremely professional studio that saved me a lot of money